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The Courtship of Nellie Fisher Series


A powerful new series based on an actual historical event—a heated debate over salvation and tractors that causes a group of Amish families to break away from the Old Order—and two young people who are caught in the heartbreaking divide.

Passionate and stubborn Nellie Fisher knows that if her family breaks away from their church district, she stands to lose her beloved Caleb, staunch in his Old Order beliefs. But if she follows Caleb, she will lose her dear family. And what of the gentle stirrings she feels when her bishop-uncle speaks of an assurance of salvation her soul longs for?

Continuing to meet at the millstream, their secret place, Nellie and Caleb are determined to be together. Will their families end up on the same side? Or will Nellie and Caleb be forced to part?

  1. The Parting
  2. The Forbidden
  3. The Longing

Audio editions available from Oasis Audio.



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