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March '23

"God has made everything beautiful for its own time." 

~ Ecclesiastes 3:11


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When our daughter Julie was just a little girl, I taught her a sweet song and accompanied her on the piano when she sang it as a solo at church. The song was “Beautiful, Beautiful, Jesus Is beautiful,” and Julie was more than a little nervous that evening about singing it to such a large crowd. 


I remember praying a simple, heartfelt prayer with her in the foyer of the church before the service, and God gave her the courage to sing it with tender expression—and perfect pitch, too. There were tears in the audience as people were touched by the important message of the song.


Someone might ask if we ought to go to the Lord with small requests in our everyday life. What do you think?


Honestly, I would answer that there is nothing our heavenly Father looks upon as unimportant when it comes to His children. We know from Scripture that there is no difficulty or problem too small (or large) for our Lord—no struggle too slight for you to share with Him in prayer. In fact, God invites each of us to share every aspect of our lives. His ear is always open; He never slumbers or sleeps. He is always listening. What a true blessing and comfort!


So then, whatever is on your heart, tell all of it to the Lord who made you, knows you, and understands.


Blessings for springtime and always,

—Beverly Lewis



1) You've been waiting for the cover reveal for my new novel, The Heirloom, releasing this September. And here it is! 

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2) In keeping with The Heirloom's story line, I've created a special pop-up card, “Ella Mae's Tea Cup,” with my sister, Barbara. You may order yours at and use it for most any occasion, as you wish. The backstory is an excerpt from an Ella Mae scene in The Heirloom. A little sneak preview! 

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3) Well, I've nearly completed my review/edit of the Designed Pages (the final opportunity to see the story before it goes to one last proofreader). You may preorder your copy now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Baker Book House.

I am continually grateful to everyone who saw the movie version of The Confession Musical in theatres last month. For those who missed that grand event, you will have the opportunity to view it on Up Faith and Family TV this spring. Please stay tuned for more information. 


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