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February '24

"Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love.

~ Ephesians 4:2

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Did you notice all the ways to demonstrate love in Ephesians 4:2? Being humble, gentle, and patient are noted . . . as are going even further by making allowances for, or overlooking, each other’s faults.


My two besties for decades, Martha and Pam, passed away last year, six months apart in April and October, respectively. I love thinking back to the countless shared lunches, shopping for Christmas, singing in harmony, picnicking on the Fourth, and spending time together with our families over the years. Among the many distinct and wonderful attributes of both Martha and Pam were humility, gentleness, and patience.


I’ll never forget Martha’s amazing patience and consideration toward me through thirty years of my writing deadlines. Whenever she’d call, she immediately asked if I was in the middle of writing. Never, ever did she want to disturb me, even though I was always happy to talk with her, no matter what I was doing.


One spring, some years ago now, Pam dropped everything at home to fly to Florida for the last half of my book tour, joining my tour manager and me in place of a publicist who was ill. In a very short time, Pam learned what was expected of her and did it with grace and humility. Being a book lover and former librarian, she enjoyed interacting with the hundreds of you readers who loved meeting her. 


What if, like Martha and Pam, we, too, embraced humility and gentleness with our family and friends? And patience, as well, which may be the most challenging characteristic of the three mentioned in this scripture verse.


During this month when we celebrate love, romantic or otherwise, let’s not forget our supreme role model, our Savior Jesus. If we practice loving others the way He loves, then we can surely become an everyday blessing to people all year long, and not just on Valentine’s Day.


Always thankful for your loving support and encouragement,


Blessings always,

—Beverly Lewis



1)  The final proofing for The Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook, 20th-Anniversary Edition, is nearly done. You will love the additional recipes and Amish sayings, kitchen tips, scripture verses, and.photographs from the Lewis Family Collection. This beautiful edition will be available this coming fall!


2)  I’m already writing my fall 2025 book and loving everything about it. Hickory Hollow is the setting (surprised?), with Ella Mae Zook as one of the minor characters. I cannot wait to share more in the coming months!


3)  During this month, my sister, Barbara, and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary with Amish Cheer cards! Look for special offers throughout all of February at:  http://www.amishcheer.comTo get started we've enhanced our original "Simple Sentiments" cards by adding interior content pertaining to my featured photography. Enjoy! 

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