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June '24

"The LORD replied, ‘My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

~ Exodus 33:14


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Recently, Dave and I took a vacation road trip across country. We stopped to visit dear relatives along the way and spent lots of time with our grown children, as well. We relaxed by going to a nearby zoo, taking photos of animals and the lush green flora, and picnicking near a waterfall and gurgling stream. We walked and talked, watched our adult kids have their faces and hands creatively painted, ate out, and, in general, had a delightful get-away from the routine of work.


I especially enjoyed showing my work-in-progress—a family heritage album—to our kids, who asked many questions, especially about my Old Order Mennonite great-grandparents and grandparents on my mother’s side. Having visited Lancaster County numerous times, they know the Plain culture well, of course, but talking about the shunning my grandmother Ada suffered has always been of keen interest through the years.  


So, because of that, I had another opportunity to share the grace of Godhow what was seemingly meant for harm ultimately became a blessing for Grandmother Ada, her future husband, and their children, grandchildren and beyond.


Taking time to simply be together has often led to curiosity and conversation during walks or by turning the pages of a family album together. Sometimes just being, without saying a word, is the closest two people who know and love each other well can be. And getting away from daily schedules and deadlines can also bring a measure of healinga soothing of the mind and body. Going for long walks in the sunshine after days of clouds and rain, eating favorite Southern foods without the usual clean-up, enjoying live music with others, watching my grown children laugh and play together . . . this was the essence of a true vacation, indeed.


Now that my husband and I are home again, I’m ready to get back to reading through the revisions for The Christmas House, my next fiction work, coming in the fall of 2025.


But the restful days, and the joy they brought, still linger, reminding me that God’s Presence is ever with us, no matter where we are.

Blessings to you and to your family in the coming summer,


—Beverly Lewis


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 Sunflower pics

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Sunflower pics 


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